Series of 1953B $5 Silver Certificate Star Note – Values and Pricing

Series of 1953B Five Dollar Silver Certificate Star Note – Values and Pricing

The series of 1953B five dollar silver certificate star note is the key to the series. 1953B star notes aren’t what most people would consider a classic rarity. We know that 3,240,000 1953B five dollar star notes were printed. That is a large number considering how tough the note is to find today. However, based on known serial numbers, it appears that less than 400,000 1953B star notes entered circulation. Expect your 1953B five dollar star note to have a serial number that starts with *28, followed by six more numbers, and ending with the letter A.

Circulated 1953B five dollar star notes can traditionally be bought for less than $1,500. There is a big price jump between circulated and uncirculated. Uncirculated 1953B star notes are rarely encountered and do command a premium.

All 1953B star fives were signed by Elizabeth Rudel Smith and C. Douglas Dillon. Abraham Lincoln is the featured portrait.

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