Series of 1957 $1 Silver Certificate Star Notes – Values and Pricing

Series of 1957 $1 Silver Certificate Star Notes – Values and Pricing

Star notes from the series of 1957 are very very common.  In average condition they sell for about $3 each.  For the sake of this article, when referring to a 1957 one dollar silver certificate, that also includes 1957A and 1957B.  They are all the same.  None of them are more valuable than others.

If you had a run of consecutive choice uncirculated 1957 star notes, they would still only be worth about ten dollars each.  These one dollar silver certificate stars are just too plentiful to ever be worth very much money.

1957 star notes have a serial number that starts with a blue star with a hole in it, followed by 8 numbers, then a letter.  They feature George Washington and a blue seal.

We do not buy 1957 $1 silver certificate star notes, unless you have a large run of uncirculated stars. Unfortunately they just aren’t collectible and we don’t have a market for them if they are circulated.  However, we would be happy to purchase 1957 silver certificate stars if they are part of a larger collection.