1963 Red Seal Two Dollar Bills – Values and Pricing

Series of 1963 Red Seal $2 Bill – Values and Pricing

1963 and 1963A red print two dollar bills are very common. Despite the difference between the A and non-A, both notes are equally common and worth the same amount of money in all grades.

You can buy a circulated 1963 red seal two dollar bill any day of the week for around $3. A star note from 1963 will cost you closer to $5 if it is in average condition. It is still possible to buy 100 note packs of 1963 red seal two dollar bills. A pack will cost around $800. 1963 $2 star packs are less available and should sell for around $1,500.

1963 red seal two dollar bills were signed by Kathryn O’Hay Granahan and C. Douglas Dillon as Treasurer of The United States and Secretary of the Treasury, respectively. 1963A red writing twos are signed by Kathryn O’Hay Granahan and Henry H. Fowler.

1963 two dollar bills have a portrait of Thomas Jefferson in the center of each note. The back of the two dollar bill shows Monticello (Jefferson’s long time home in Virginia). All 1953 red seal two dollar bills were printed in Washington DC. They have red overprints, red writing, and a red seal on the right hand side of the bill. You can find the following phrases on the bill:

“Two Dollars, United States Note, The United States of America will pay to the bearer on demand Two Dollars”

“This note is a legal tender at its face value for all debts public and private”

We do not buy 1963 red seal two dollar bills unless you have a run of uncirculated star notes or a large number of consecutive notes. We also buy 1963 $2 bills with a serial number that has five or more leading zeros.