Series of 1966 $100 Bill With Red Seal Value

Series of 1966 Red Seal $100 Bills – Values and Pricing

Series of 1966 $100 bills tend to catch the eye of new collectors. They represent an opportunity to obtain a strikingly different looking one hundred dollar bill for a very small premium over face value in most cases. Circulated 1966 $100 bills sell for less than $125. Very nice 1966 one hundred dollar bills sell for $175. Uncirculated examples are worth more.

A total 768,000 1966 $100 red seals were printed.

Kathryn O’Hay Granahan and Henry H. Fowler signed series of 1966 one hundred dollar red seals.

Star notes were also issued for series of 1966 $100 legal tender notes. You can learn more about 1966 $100 star notes here.

There are hundreds of low serial number 1966 $100 around today. The famous collector Amon Carter discovered the first four thousand 1966 $100 bills in Puerto Rico and brought them back to the United States. I can’t say for sure that all of the first 4,000 notes were saved, but the first 100 were saved and are known to exist.

The following inscriptions can be found on all 1966 $100 bills: United States Note – United States Of America – This Note Is Legal Tender For All Debts, Public and Private – One Hundred Dollars – Washington D.C. – The Department of the Treasury 1789 – Treasurer of the United States – Secretary of the Treasury – Franklin – Independence Hall – In God We Trust

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