1976 $2 Bill Star Note – Values and Pricing

Series of 1976 $2 Star Notes – Values and Pricing

1976 $2 star notes were printed for all twelve Federal Reserve banks.

Star notes from The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City are considered the rarest for the 1976 $2 star series.  These notes usually trade for around $75 in uncirculated condition.

Notes from the ten other Federal Reserve banks sell for around $10 each in choice uncirculated condition.  It is fun and easy to complete a 1976 $2 star set.  All 1976 $2 stars started at serial number 00000001*, so there are possibilities to find low serial number stars.  Anything with a low serial number (six zeros or more) will carry a nice premium.

1976 two dollar star notes are often found in uncut uncirculated sheets of four, eight, sixteen, or thirty-two. Being in a sheet rarely adds to the premium a single note would have.  1976 $2 sheets were items anyone could buy from The Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

All 1976 $2 star notes that aren’t in uncirculated condition, even from the rare banks, are going to be worth very close to face value.  There are just too many uncirculated notes available to allow circulated stars to be worth much.

We are interested in purchasing 1976 $2 star notes if they are uncirculated condition, and from Kansas City or Minneapolis.  If you have a note from those banks, please contact us.