1995 Two Dollar Bills – Values and Pricing

Series of 1995 Two Dollar Bills – Values and Pricing

99.9% of 1995 $2 bills are going to just be worth $2.  The exception to the rule would be star notes, low serial number notes (six zeros or more), and error notes.

All 1995 $2 bills are signed by Mary Ellen Withrow as the Treasurer of The United States and Robert E. Rubin as the Secretary of the Treasury.  Like other green seal two dollar Federal Reserve notes, 1995 $2s feature Thomas Jefferson and the Signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Regular issue 1995 two dollar bills were only issued for The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.  These notes have a serial number that starts with the letter F and ends with the letter A.  A total of 153,600,000 of these notes were printed.  Regular issue star notes were also only issued for Atlanta in 1995.  However, star notes known as millennium notes were issued for all twelve districts.

1995 $2 Millennium star notes were a special promotion by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  All twelve districts had 9,999 1995 $2 star notes printed.  These notes have a serial number that begins with a letter (A – L) then 2000 followed by random digits.  These notes were popular at the time.  Today these special stars trade for around $30 each.

1995 two dollar bills are much too new and common to carry a premium, even in uncirculated grades.  The only potential is in the star notes.  If you have a low serial number star note from Atlanta, we would be interested buyers.