Series of 2003 Two Dollar Bills – Value and Pricing

Series of 2003 & 2003a Two Dollar Bills – Values and Pricing

2003 and 2003a $2 bills are regularly available from any large bank.  Even in uncirculated condition, these modern two dollar bills do not carry any premiums above the face value of $2.  The one small exception to this face value rule is that 2003a star notes in a pack of 100 do trade for about $400 per pack.  That is a premium of double face value.

Do not be confused by 2003 and 2003a.  2003 $2 bills were signed by Rosario Marin and John W. Snow.  2003a notes were signed by Anna Escobedo Cabral and John W. Snow.  Besides the A and the signature difference, they are the exact same note.

Star notes were issued for all twelve Federal Reserve Banks for the 2003 two dollar star note series.  These notes have a serial number from 1 to 16,000.  Notes from The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis can have a serial number from 1 to 3,840,000.

2003a $2 star notes are a little easier to keep up with.  These star notes (so far) have only been printed for the Atlanta district.

If you have some very low serial number star notes, we would be interested to hear about it.  Please contact us for an offer.