Series of 1878 Five Thousand Dollar United States Note Value

Value of Five Thousand Dollar Legal Tender From Series of 1878


Year:  1878 Type:  Legal Tender Denomination:  Five Thousand Dollar Bill
Value:  low to mid six figures
All 1878 $5,000 bills have been redeemed.
Only specimens and counterfeits remain outstanding.
Description:  Unfortunately for collectors, all 1878 five thousand dollar United States Notes have been redeemed.  The good news is that there is at least one specimen known to exist.  It is pictured below.  This also the closest thing collectors can hope to buy in terms of an authentic large size five thousand dollar bill.  All other regular issue five thousand dollar bills are in government holdings.

The image below is the only known 1878 $5,000 bill.  It was presented to the Chinese government as a specimen note.  Specimens were sent to foreign countries so that they would be aware of what authentic United States currency looked like.  If China got a specimen, then it is safe to assume that many other countries also received specimens.  It is very likely that more of these will be found as time passes.

The design of 1878 five thousand dollar United States notes shows James Madison on the front and eagle perched on a shield on the back.

Variations:  All series of 1878 $10,000 bills were signed by Scofield and Gilfillan.  They all had large red seals