Series of 1882 Five Thousand Dollar Gold Certificate Value

Value of Five Thousand Dollar Gold Certificate From Series of 1882


Year:  1882 Type:  Gold Certificate Denomination:  Five Thousand Dollar Bill
Value:  1882 $5,000 are rare and extremely valuable
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Description:  Right now we only know for sure that two series of 1882 $5,000 gold certificates exist.  Both of them are held in government collections.  The goods news is that these notes were printed for a long time and that the serial number range is high enough that other should be found.

The two serial numbers of the known examples are M26080 and M20625.  So if your $5,000 bill has that serial number, then what you have is a reproduction or a copy.

All 1882 $5,000 bills have a portrait of Andrew Jackson on the front and eagle featured prominently on the back.
1888 $5,000 gold certificates were also printed.  However, all 1888 series notes have been redeemed.

Variations:  There were 11 different varieties of the 1882 $5,000 gold certificate printed.  As you might expect, all of them are rare, so the signature combinations aren’t terribly important.  For the record though, they are:

Bruce – Gilfillan – with a brown seal
Bruce – Gilfillan – with a brown seal, and signed by Thomas C Acton, and payable at New York
Bruce – Wyman – with a brown seal
Rosescrans – Hyatt – with a large red seal
Rosecrans – Nebeker – with a small red seal
Lyons – Roberts – with a small red seal
Vernon – Treat – with a small red seal
Vernon – McClung – with small red seal
Napier – McClung – with small red seal
Parker – Burke – with small red seal
Teehee – Burke – with a small red seal (as pictured above)

Inscriptions:  Under Chap. 290 Sec. 12 of the Act of July 12th 1882 there has been deposited in the Treasury of the United States Five Thousand Dollars in Gold Coin repayable to the bearer on demand.  Department Series.  Washington D.C.  Jackson.  Gold Certificate.  Five Thousand Dollars.  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur.  Register of the Treasury.  Treasurer of The United States.  Bureau, Engraving, and Printing.  United States