Value of Blue Seal $10 Silver Certificates

Blue Seal Ten Dollar Bills (1933 – 1953) – Values and Pricing

Any $10 bill printed after 1928 that has a blue seal is known as a silver certificate. There are nine different varieties:

193319341934A 1934B1934C1934D19531953A1953B

You can click on the year above to select your exact ten dollar silver certificates. Keep in mind that the letter than begins or ends the serial number has nothing to do with the series letter. The series letter (if there is one) will be written directly after the year.

Most ten dollar silver certificates are common and sell for about $18 in average condition. However, there are plenty of exceptions to that rule. $10 silver certificates from 1933 are the rarest of the group. $10 silver certificates from 1934B are also rare. If your ten dollar silver certificate has a star symbol at the beginning of the serial number then it has a chance to be rare.

Any $10 silver certificate that has a serial number that begins with six or seven zeros will also carry a premium.

We are mostly interested in purchasing star notes, 1933 and 1934B $10 silver certificates, and high grade runs of uncirculated ten dollar bills. Please send us an email to and tell us what you have.