Value of Colonial Currency from Maryland

Colonial Currency from the State of Maryland – Values and Pricing

Colonial currency from Maryland can be rare and valuable if it was printed before 1766 (with exception of the common 1733 remainders). However, most issues that you will find today do tend to be common.

*** If your colonial currency from Maryland is for Eight dollars and it is from the date of April 10, 1774 and it has the serial number 14020 then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value ***

There were only 138 different types and denominations of currency printed by Maryland. The comprehensive lists of dates of issue are as follows:
June 2, 1748
October 1, 1748
April 6, 1751
July 14, 1756
January 1, 1767
March 1, 1770
April 10, 1774
July 26, 1775
December 7, 1775
August 14, 1776
June 8, 1780
June 28, 1780
October 17, 1780
May 10, 1781
August 8, 1781

Rather than try to list all the different values for colonial currency from Maryland.  We would simply suggest that you send us scans or digital photos of your Maryland colonial money.  We can check it for varieties and make our best offer.