Value of Colonial Currency from New Hampshire

Colonial Currency from the State of New Hampshire – Values and Pricing

Most all colonial currency from New Hampshire is scarce to rare.  New Hampshire first issued colonial currency in 1717.  New Hampshire last issued colonial money in 1780.  Approximately 186 different types and denominations of colonial currency from New Hampshire were printed.

*** There are two reproductions of New Hampshire colonial currency.  If your colonial currency from New Hampshire is for Thirty Shillings and it is from the date of August 24, 1778 and it has the serial number 992, then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value.  The other fake note is from April 29, 1780 for Seven Dollars.  The serial number on it is 1702 or A702. ***

Just like all colonial money, currency from New Hampshire can gain and lose value based on condition.  The nicer a note is, the more money it is worth.

Please contact us with pictures of your colonial currency from New Hampshire.  We can identify if the currency is a rare variety and we can make an offer to purchase it.