Value of Colonial Currency from New Jersey

Colonial Currency from the State of New Jersey – Values and Pricing

First and foremost, when dealing with colonial currency from New Jersey, look for bills signed by John Hart.  John Hart is the only signor of The Declaration of Independence who also signed colonial currency from New Jersey.  His signature is not exceptionally rare, but it does add some value.

*** If your colonial currency from New Jersey is for Eighteen Pence and it is from the date of March 25, 1776 and it has the serial number 8418, then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value ***

Any colonial currency from New Jersey printed before 1757 should be considered rare.  Anything printed by New Jersey that is in perfect condition (never been folded) should also be considered rare.  The only especially common issues from New Jersey are:
March 25, 1776
June 9, 1780
January 9, 1781

Everything has at least has the chance to be rare and or valuable.  Please send us pictures of your colonial currency from New Jersey so we can make our best offer.