Value of Colonial Currency from New York

Colonial Currency from the State of New York – Values and Pricing

As you might expect, New York was one of the most prolific issuers of colonial currency.  The first colonial money printed in New York was for May 31, 1709.  The official colonial money era in New York ended in 1793 with the City of Albany issues.

*** There are two reproductions of New York colonial currency.  If your colonial currency from New York is for Five Pounds and it is from the date of February 16, 1771 and it has the serial number 24323, then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value.  The other fake note is from August 13, 1776 for Ten Dollars.  The serial number on it is illegible. ***

Some dates on more valuable New York colonial money are:
November 1, 1709 (Lyon Dollars)
July 20, 1711
July 1, 1714
June 5, 1715
November 28, 1717
November 10, 1720
July 2, 1723
July 10, 1724
July 22, 1724
November 16, 1726
October 20, 1730
November 15, 1734
December 10, 1737
October 20, 1739
May 10, 1746
July 21, 1746
November 2, 1747
March 25, 1755
May 12, 1755
September 15, 1755
February 16, 1756
June 15, 1780
March 27, 1781
April 18, 1786
February 8, 1788

In addition to the rare years listed above, be on the lookout for anything from New York City, City of Albany, Corporation of Kingston, City of Hudson, and City of Poughkeepsie.

There are plenty of other variables that can make New York colonial currency from more common dates valuable.  Condition, serial number, and signature are all very important.

We do purchase colonial currency from New York.  Please send us a picture of the front and back of your bill so that we can make our best offer.