Value of Colonial Currency from Rhode Island

Colonial Currency from the State of Rhode Island – Values and Pricing

Rhode Island has a rich history in numismatics.  Colonial currency from Rhode Island is relatively common, but it is still actively collected.  There were more than 300 different types of colonial currency printed by Rhode Island.  Values are all over the place.  Any Rhode Island colonial currency printed before 1774 will be rare and valuable.  The exact value of these early issues is based on the series year and the condition of the bill.

*** If your colonial currency from Rhode Island is for Three Dollars and it is from the date of July 2, 1780 and it has the serial number 2298, then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value ***

More common colonial currency (unless otherwise stated) from Rhode Island was printed for the following dates:
May 3, 1775
June 16, 1775
June 29, 1775
November 6, 1775
January 15, 1776
March 18, 1776
September 5, 1776
May 22, 1777
June, 1780 (these are rare)
July 2, 1780
May, 1786

The signatures on colonial currency are very important.  William Ellery was one of two men from Rhode Island to sign The Declaration of Independence.  William Ellery also signed some Rhode Island colonial currency.  Money with his signature is valuable.

Please contact us with pictures of your colonial currency from Rhode Island.  We can identify if the currency is a rare variety and we can make an offer to purchase it.