Currency Dealer | Dealer of Old Collectible Antique Currency

How To Find a Good Currency Dealer

If you are looking to sell any old currency to a dealer – keep the following in mind:

1) A Currency Dealer Should Be Knowledgeable
-If a dealer always seems confused or never commits to prices, odds are that currency is not his specialty.  A good currency dealer should be an expert in at least two fields of the hobby and proficient enough in the rest to carry on an informative conversation.

2) A Currency Dealer Should Be Available
-If during the course of communication a dealer fails to return phone calls or doesn’t follow up on emails, it is likely that the dealer is either not interested in doing business or does not value the opportunity to purchase your note.

3) A Currency Dealer Should Be Fair
-Just like any other profession that requires buying low and selling high, the objective of a currency dealer is to make a profit by selling above his cost.  However, there is a difference between taking risks and hoping to make a 5-20% profit and knowingly taking advantage of someone with less knowledge.  Beware of the pushy dealers who use fast talk and jargon to make a quick buy.

4) A Currency Dealer Should Be Trustworthy
-Most importantly, try to find someone who can write a good check.  The old coin show adage is that the person most likely to write a bad check is the coin dealer who has the biggest inventory.  Don’t fall for flash and flare.  You want to deal with a dealer who has a good reputation of business practices and that can provide references throughout the country.

If you have something to sell, give us a chance to make an offer or point you in the direction of someone in your area that can get you a fair price.