Value of Fifty Dollar Star Note

Fifty Dollar Bill with a Star in the Serial Number – Values and Pricing

When trying to determine the value and rarity of your fifty dollar star note you need to really focus on issuing district.  For example:  Series of 1929 $50 star notes were issued for seven of the twelve Federal Reserve districts.  A $50 star note from New York in the exact same condition as a $50 star note from Dallas could be worth ten times less than the Dallas note.  The same rule applies when pricing 1928 $50 green seal star notes.  A 1928 $50 star note from Boston is ten times rarer than the same $50 star note from New York.  So you really need to focus much more on district rather than year or seal color.

Any $50 star note issued before 1935 that has a serial number lower than 100 should be very collectible, even if it is from a common district.  A two digit serial number 1928 $50 star gold certificate would be especially nice to find.

Unfortunately, most all $50 star notes printed after 1949 just don’t have the chance to be collectible.

If you have a fifty dollar star note you are curious about, then send us a scan or digital photo of the front and back of the bill.  We can check it for varieties and tell you what it is worth.