Green Seal One Dollar Federal Reserve Notes (1963 and newer)

Small Size One Dollar Federal Reserve Notes (1963 and newer) – Values and Pricing

Federal Reserve Notes were first issued in 1913. They took on their familiar style and color in 1928. However, the one dollar denomination was printed in 1918, then not used again until 1963. Today one dollar bills look the same as they did in 1963.

Simply put, all green seal one dollar bills are just worth one dollar. On occasion a note can be in excellent condition with a star in the serial number, and that will command more than a dollar. However, the work involved in trying to get more than a dollar is often not worth the trouble.

1963B dollars get a lot of attention. These are known as Barr Dollars. A circulated Barr dollar is worth just face value. Uncirculated Barr dollars sell for around $2.50 each.

We do not buy any dollar bills unless they have a serial number that is two digits or smaller. We do buy packs of 100 star notes. We recommend spending most everything else.