Value of Misprinted Hawaii Bills

Value of Misprinted Hawaii Bills 

Misprints on Hawaii notes are especially interesting.  1934, 1934A, and 1935A Hawaii silver certificates and Federal Reserve notes were printed by the millions during World War II.  However, not very many of these Hawaii notes were misprinted.

The most popular Hawaii misprint is the inverted “HAWAII” on the back of the bill.  If that overprint is upside down then you have a nice error.  The rarest of Hawaii misprints is the upside down seal and serial number error.

Any misprint on a Hawaii bill will be fun to see.  However, misprints that specifically affect the Hawaii overprint on either the front or back of the note are especially important because of their uniqueness to the Hawaii issue.

We do purchase misprinted Hawaii bills.  However, in order to make an offer we have to see a scan or digital photo of the bill.  Please send an image to



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