Value of Misprinted One Dollar Bill

Value of Misprinted One Dollar Bill

Misprints are most often found on the one dollar bill. One dollar bills are the most often misprinted bill simply because they are the most printed bill. There is also less quality control over the one dollar bill compared to something more valuable like a one hundred dollar bill.

The good news is that misprinted one dollar bills do offer a good bang for the buck. The value over face value is always tremendous when compared to the same error on a high denomination.

We have a full guide to misprinted money here.

Generally speaking the more valuable misprinted one dollar bills will be on colorful issues. Misprints on Hawaii notes are especially popular. A one dollar bill with a yellow, red, or blue seal and a misprint should command some extra attention. Of course green seal one dollar misprints are the most common.

Age isn’t terribly important when it comes to misprints on one dollar bills. A misprint on a one dollar bill from 1963 will basically be worth the same as a 2006 one dollar bill with the same misprint. The idea that holding a misprinted one dollar bill will make it worth more money in the future really doesn’t make sense. The same misprint is created every day and the supply just increases. So if you have a misprint on a one dollar bill, strike while the iron is hot.

Misprints most commonly affect seals, serial numbers, cuts, and orientations. Misprints on any denomination increase in value as the misprint becomes more dramatic. If you need an encyclopedia and a protractor to figure out why your one dollar has a misprint, then it is probably not valuable. However, if you have a misprinted dollar bill with a very impressive error, then it has a chance to be worth good money.

We do purchase misprinted one dollar bills. However, in order to make an offer we have to see a scan or digital photo of the bill. Please send an image to