Value of Misprinted Twenty Dollar Bill

Value of Misprinted Twenty Dollar Bill 

There are a lot of twenty dollar bills with misprints currently in circulation.  Twenty dollar misprints are frequently found in uncirculated condition.  In fact ATM finds are responsible for many of the great twenty dollar bill misprint discoveries each year.

We have a full guide to misprinted money here.

A very common twenty dollar misprint started occurring around 1996 when the design style changed.  Twenty dollar bills missing their green treasury seal and only their green treasury seal are very common and only worth about double face value.  However, there are plenty of other seal and serial number errors on twenty dollar bills that could be much more valuable.

One of the most famous twenty dollar misprints in the banana sticker error.  Twenty dollar bills only come with green, gold, or brown seals.  Twenty dollar misprints on brown or gold seal notes are especially interesting.

We do purchase misprinted twenty dollar bills.  However, in order to make an offer we have to see a scan or digital photo of the bill.  Please send an image to