North Africa Star Notes – Values and Pricing

North Africa Star Notes – Values and Pricing

North Africa yellow seal silver certificate star notes are an easy and fun compliment to a nice regular North Africa set.  North Africa star notes were printed for all denominations, including the very rare 1934 ten dollar note.

Unlike most series of currency, the highest denomination in the North Africa series is actually the most common and most affordable North Africa star note.  For some reason ten dollar North Africa star notes are exceptionally plentiful, especially in circulated grades.  The one dollar star note is the next most affordable.  While the five dollar North Africa star note is the toughest of the three, it is by no means rare of hard to find.

Below you will find a denomination guide to pricing and valuing North Africa star notes.  Click on each note for print numbers and average values.

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Series of 1935A $1 North Africa Star Note 



Series of 1934A $5 North Africa Star Note 



Series of 1934 $10 North Africa Star Note



Series of 1934A $10 North Africa Star Note