Value of One Dollar Star Note

One Dollar Bill with a Star in the Serial Number – Values and Pricing

There are four keys to the one dollar denomination star note.  In no particular order:

1928 $1 red seal legal tender star note
1928C $1 blue seal silver certificate star note
1928D $1 blue seal silver certificate star note
1928E $1 blue seal silver certificate star note

Out of those four notes, the $1 legal tender is available mostly in high grades.  All things equal, the 1928E $1 star should be the most valuable.

The next tier of rarity consists of the two experimental issues.  Any star note on a 1935A $1 silver certificate with a big red R or S is fairly rare.  Only 24,000 were printed.

The 1935A Hawaii and North Africa one dollar star notes are not rare, but they are popular.  Circulated Hawaii and North Africa star notes are readily available, but truly uncirculated examples are much more difficult to locate.

1928, 1928A, 1928B, and 1934 $1 silver certificates are very common in circulated condition, but uncommon in perfect condition.

All 1935 one dollar silver certificate star notes are common (with exception of the above mentioned 1935A stars).  1935, 1935A, 1935B, 1935C, 1935D, 1935E, 1935F, 1935G, and 1935H are common.  Circulated stars sell for about $3, uncirculated star sell for closer to $15.

1957, 1957A, and 1957B $1 silver certificate star notes are common and only worth about $2.50 in circulated condition.  Uncirculated stars are worth about $10.

There are plenty of $1 star notes from 1963 and newer.  These are really only collectible if they have a very low serial number that starts with five or more zeros.

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