$10 Bills With Yellow/Gold Seal and Serial Numbers

Ten Dollar Bills with Yellow/Gold Seals and Serial Numbers – Values and Pricing

Ten dollar bills with goldish colored seals come in three different varieties. These different ten dollar bills can be:

1928 $10 Gold Certificate1934 $10 North Africa1934A $10 North Africa

When looking at your ten dollar bill you need to first check the serial number. If it begins or ends with a star symbol then the bill will carry a premium. If the serial number begins with at least five zeros then the bill will carry a premium.

1934 $10 yellow seal notes are very rare. 1934A yellow seal notes are very common. 1928 gold seal notes are also mostly common. Click on the information above or the pictures below to learn more about your specific bill.

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1928 $10 Gold Seal Bill



1934 $10 Yellow Seal Bill



1934A $10 Yellow Seal Bill