A Review And Special Thanks To Garretts Greenville Fencing in Greenville, SC

We occasionally take the opportunity to inform our more than 100,000 monthly visitors about some positive experiences we have had with other businesses.  There are certain industries that get unfair negative reputations.  Sadly, numismatic dealers get put in that group.  We are especially sensitive to that unjust categorization.  Some others local service providers like renovators and outdoor contractors get a bad wrap because of a few bad characters.  With that said, we would like to highly recommend Garrett’s Greenville Fencing.

Garrett’s Greenville Fencing builds and installs custom fencing projects in Greenville, SC.  True story here.  My wife and I were trying to tackle a backyard renovation project in the summer of 2017.  We needed a little concrete, a little sod, but the meat of the project was a big fencing job.  It probably took ten days to get the first company (not Garrett’s) to show up for an estimate.  We never heard back from them.  Then the process started over again.  We were so beat down that we accepted the first quote we got.  You probably know where this is going; the guys never showed up to do the work.  Fortunately we never paid them.  But we were essentially two months in and had just been in one giant run around.  We got our courage back up, asked some good friends with an enviable backyard and heard about Garretts.  James and the team at Garrett’s Fencing is amazing.  Their quote for the ENTIRE job (concrete, sod, and fencing) was less than the other no show quote we had previously agreed to for just the fencing. It’s been almost a year since Garrett’s did the work and everything still looks great.  The sod is green, the concrete looks brand new, and the fence looks as good as ever.  They have our full endorsement!