Colonial Currency from the State of Delaware – Values and Pricing

There are only 92 different types and denominations of colonial currency issued for Delaware. That makes Delaware the smallest issuer of colonial currency after Vermont.

*** If your colonial currency from Delaware is for Five Shillings and it is from the date of January 1, 1776 and it has the serial number 62101 then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value ***

Any colonial currency from January 1, 1776 or May 1, 1777 from Delaware is very common. The good news is that almost all other colonial currency from Delaware is scarce, especially in high grades.

The early Delaware issues of 1729 to 1760 are rare, with exception of a few notes.  If you have a question about your colonial currency from Delaware, then please send us a scan or digital photo of the front and back of your bill and we can make our best offer.\