Colonial Currency from the State of Georgia – Values and Pricing

Most colonial currency from Georgia is relatively rare compared to colonial currency from other colonies. Georgia notes tend to be especially colorful and eye appealing.

*** If your colonial currency from Georgia is for Four Dollars and it is from the date of September 10, 1777 and it has the serial number 2991 or 19567 then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value ***

Any colonial currency from Georgia that is in perfect condition should be considered scarce and potentially valuable. Early colonial money from Georgia can also be rare, such as:
The 1735 – 1745 Oglethorpe issues
The 1735 – 1750 Sola issues

Later issues certainly have the chance to be valuable. When dealing with colonial currency from Georgia, it is all about, condition, color, and graphics.

Please offer us your Georgia colonial currency. We operate out of South Carolina and we have a high demand for anything of Southern interest. Please send digital photos or scans as email attachments and we can respond back with our best offer.