Value of Colonial Currency from Massachusetts

Colonial Currency from the State of Massachusetts – Values and Pricing

Massachusetts is rich in colonial history.  The colonial currency issues of Massachusetts are wildly researched and very popular to collect.  The colony of Massachusetts was the first colony to issue colonial currency.  Their first issues were for 1690, and as you might expect, those are very rare.  In fact, that is the only currency printed in the 17th century for America.

When it was all over, Massachusetts issued a total of 289 different types of colonial currency.

*** If your colonial currency from Massachusetts is for Eight dollars and it is from the date of May 5, 1780 and it has the serial number 25480, then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value ***

Rather than list what is rare and what is common, we would highly recommend that you contact us with whatever type of Massachusetts colonial currency you have.  What may seem common could actually be quite rare.

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