Value of Colonial Currency from Pennsylvania

Colonial Currency from the State of Pennsylvania – Values and Pricing

When dealing with Pennsylvania colonial currency, just remember that the early and the late issues are where the value is.  Early issues consist of anything printed before 1770.  The late issues were printed after 1779.In addition to early and late colonial currency from Pennsylvania, also pay attention to who signed each note.  Three different signors of The Declaration of Independence also signed colonial currency from Pennsylvania.  These men are George Clymer, Francis Hopkinson, and John Morton.

*** If your colonial currency from Pennsylvania is for Fifteen Shillings and it is from the date of October 1, 1773 and it has the serial number 5520, then what you have is a modern reproduction with no collector value ***

Some of the common dates you will find from Pennsylvania are:
March 20, 1771
March 20, 1773
October 1, 1773
March 25, 1775
April 10, 1775
July 20, 1775
October 25, 1775
December 8, 1775
April 25, 1776
April 10, 1777

The good news is that if you have some colonial currency from Pennsylvania from a date besides those listed above, then there is a decent chance it could be worth good money.  Even common notes in great condition can still be worth a few hundred dollars.

If you have some colonial currency from Pennsylvania that you are curious about, then please send us a picture of it.  We can check it for varieties and make our offer.