List of the Twelve Federal Reserve Banks

Values of Currency from the Twelve Federal Reserve Banks

All notes that are either Federal Reserve Notes or Federal Reserve Bank Notes will have a notation on them as to which bank issued them:

A – 1 – Boston
B – 2 – New York City
C – 3 – Philadelphia
D – 4 – Cleveland
E – 5 – Richmond
6 – F – Atlanta
7 – G – Chicago
8 – H – St. Louis
9 – I – Minneapolis
10 – J – Kansas City
11 – K – Dallas
12 – L – San Francisco

The currency was not printed in these towns, but rather it was printed in Washington DC for these Federal Reserve banks.  In the coin collecting world people tend to associate mints with rarity.  This leads people to believe the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank has something to do with the San Francisco mint.  The two are not related.  The issuing bank does tend to affect rarity on the 1928 and 1929 green and brown seal notes. Chicago and New York are almost always the most common and worth the least.  The other banks have differing rarities.

Currency from 1928, 1929, and 1934 has the possibility of being rare if the serial number on the currency has a star symbol in the serial number.  Currency with a green seal from 1950 and newer is also issued for Federal Reserve Banks.  However, Federal Reserve Notes from 1950 and newer are not collectible and are not worth more than face value.

Bank notes from 1913, 1914, 1915, and 1918 were also issued for some Federal Reserve Banks.  These have differing values depending on condition, serial number, and seal color.

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