Five Dollar National Gold Bank Note Value

Value of Five Dollar National Gold Bank Note


Years:  1870, 1872, 1873, 1874 Type:  National Gold Bank Note Denomination:  Five Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of five dollar national gold bank notes depends on the bank of issue and condition
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Description:  Five dollar national gold bank notes are common on some banks and rare for others.  National gold bank notes were in high demand in California in the 1870s.  This was the only money backed by gold, as such, people wanted them over other currency that was not backed by any precious metals.  Because of that fact, gold bank notes would trade at $5 and other $5 bills might only trade for $3.50.  That means that today five dollar gold bank notes are most often found in heavily circulated condition because they traded hands so often.

The back of five dollar gold national bank notes have a big group of coins.  That back design helps make this issue also appealing to coin collectors.  All national gold bank notes have a spiked red and red serial numbers.



Variations:  There are six different banks that issued five dollar national gold bank notes.  They are:

First National Gold Bank of San Francisco, California
National Gold Bank and Trust Company of San Francisco, California
National Gold Bank of D.O. Mills and Co. Sacramento, California
First National Gold Bank of Santa Barbara, California
First National Gold Bank of Stockton, California
Farmer’s National Gold Bank of San Jose, California

Some banks are rarer than others.  Please contact us for exact pricing information.

Inscriptions:  Redeemable in Gold Coin  –  This note is secured by bonds of The United States Deposited with the U.S. Treasurer at Washington.  –  Register of the Treasury  –  Treasurer of the United States  –  Will Pay to Bearer On Demand Five Dollars in Gold Coin  –  Continental Bank Note Co New York  –  Act Approved July 12, 1870  –  This Note is receivable at par in all parts of the United States in payment of all taxes and excises and all other dues to the United States except duties on imports and also for all salaries and other debts and demands owing by the United States to Individuals Corporations & associations within the United States except Interest on Public Debt  –  Every person making or engraving or aiding to make or engrave, or passing or attempting to pass any imitation or alteration of this note and every person having in possession a plate of impression made in imitation of it or any paper made in imitation of that on which this note is printed is by Act of Congress approved June 3rd 1864 guilty of felony and subject to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding fifteen years or both.