Flipper Serial Number on Currency – Values and Pricing

Flipper Serial Number on Currency – Values and Pricing

The flipper serial number is a relatively new term floating around the world of fancy currency. A flipper serial number reads the same when flipped upside down as it does right side up.

Example: B00996600B





To be a true flipper the serial number has to have the right combination of 0s, 6s, and 9s. However, more lenient collectors might allow 1s and 8s in their flippers. Technically though the eights and ones are going to look slightly off when they are turned upside down.

Flippers are one of the goofier offshoots of serial number collecting. These fall in the same group as radars. Someone likely had a note like this in stock and he came up with a neat way to market it, and it just happened to catch on.

Flippers will certainly command a premium, but it is not something you are going to get rich on. On average I would expect a $20 premium on lower denominations.

We do ashamedly buy flippers, but mostly as part of larger deals.