1963B $1 Bills Signed By Joseph Barr

Dollar Bills from 1963B Signed By Joseph Barr Are Not Rare 

A Barr Note is a nickname for the 1963B $1 Federal Reserve Note signed by Joseph W. Barr and Kathryn O’Hay Granahan.  Barr was only the Secretary of the Treasury for 28 days, the shortest term ever.  He signed money from 12/23/1968 – 1/20/1969.  Collectors tend to like the Barr notes because of the unique signing situation; however the notes themselves are far from rare.

Circulated 1963B $1 bills are only worth face value.  You can buy 100 choice uncirculated 1963B Barr notes in a brand new pack for about $250.
When Joseph Barr passed away it was theorized that the money he signed would become rare.  Unfortunately, too many people heard this theory and people hoarded notes he signed.  It is very easy to find Barr notes and they rarely sell for more than face value.