Value of Misprinted One Hundred Dollar Bill

Value of Misprinted One Hundred Dollar Bill 

One hundred dollar bills are the least collected misprints across of all denominations.  The reason for their lack of popularity is simple.  A misprint that would cost $25 on a one bill costs $125 on a one hundred dollar bill. The extra face value prohibits many collectors from even considering one hundred dollar misprints.

Of course some one hundred dollar bills with significant misprints will still be quite collectible.  We have a full guide to collectible misprinted money here.

One misprint we often get asked about related to the one hundred dollar bill is the missing or flipped security fiber.  Security fiber misprints are neat, but they rarely command more than a few dollars over face value.

Significant premiums in the world of one hundred dollar bill misprints will be found on errors that affect 1928 gold certificates, 1929 brown seals, and 1966 red seals.  These misprints are much more exotic than standard green seal Federal Reserve note misprints.

We do purchase misprinted one hundred dollar bills.  However, in order to make an offer we have to see a scan or digital photo of the bill.  Please send an image to