Value of Misprinted Ten Dollar Bill

Value of Misprinted Ten Dollar Bill 

Some misprinted ten dollar bills can look very exotic.  This is because the old style ten dollar bills look so different from the new ten dollar bills.  The backs of old style tens are very green and the portrait of Alexander Hamilton looks very different.

We have a full guide to misprinted money here.

There is one big myth about misprinted ten dollar bills.  Some people think that 1950 ten dollar bills have an upside down flag.  These bills are not considered misprints even if the flag looks upside down.  However, there are plenty of legitimate misprints on ten dollar bills that are interesting.

Any misprint on a ten dollar bill that affects the seal or serial number on a bill that has a gold or brown seal will be especially noteworthy.  Some misprints occur on silver certificates and Federal Reserve notes; these are more common and worthless money.

We do purchase misprinted ten dollar bills.  However, in order to make an offer we have to see a scan or digital photo of the bill.  Please send an image to