Rare Currency Values – Value of Rare Currency

Rare Currency Values

Explore some of our pages to find out the value of your rare currency.  Rare currency values range across the board depending on just how rare your currency is.  Rare Paper Money is very collectible in today’s market.


Rare Currency Values – National Bank Notes:  There are many opportunities for national banknotes to be quite rare.  Over 14,000 national banks issued currency, and some of those banks don’t have any surviving examples known to the collecting world.  If you believe you are in possession of a national banknote, tell us about it.  Whether it is rare or not, we still want to hear about the note and try to help you assign a value to it.nationals@oldcurrencyvalues.com


Rare Currency Values – Large Size:  For large-size currency to be considered truly rare there should not be many examples available to purchase at any one time.  Due to demand, some of the rarer series may be affordable, while some of the more common currency notes will be expensive.  It all depends on the currency market.  largenotes@oldcurrencyvalues.com


Rare Currency Values – Small Size:  Most small-size notes (1928 to present) will not be rare.  Some exceptions are the 1933 $10 silver certificate, $500 & $1,000 gold certificates, $5,000 & $10,000 federal reserve notes, and any number of star notes.  Send us an email if you think you have some small-size notes that might be rare.  smallsize@oldcurrencyvalues.com