Series of 1934 & 1934A $5 Hawaii Star Notes – Values and Pricing

Series of 1934 & 1934A $5 Hawaii Star Notes – Values and Pricing

The five dollar denomination of Hawaii star notes is especially fun and challenging to collect.  It has different subsets.  The types can be broken down into three categories.

-Series of 1934 $5 Hawaii star note
-Series of 1934 $5 Hawaii mule star note
-Series of 1934A $5 Hawaii star note

Most people tend to associate a variety like a mule with being rare.  However, the 1934 $5 mule Hawaii star note is actually the most common of the three.  You can learn more about mule notes here.

The series of 1934A $5 Hawaii star note is in the middle when it comes to rarity.  Right around 40,000 1934A five dollar Hawaii stars were printed.

The key to the series is finding a 1934 non-mule Hawaii star note.  The print range for the non-mules stars overlaps with the Hawaii mules, so a keen-eye can spot something someone else missed.

Generally speaking, any $5 Hawaii star, no matter the series or type, is going to start at about $600 and go up from there.  High grade specimens will certainly be worth four figures.

We are aggressive buyers of all series of 1934 and series of 1934A mule and non-mule $5 Hawaii star notes. Please contact us to let us know what you have.