Solid Serial Numbers on Currency – Values and Pricing

Solid Serial Numbers on Currency – Values and Pricing

If a note has the serial number that is all the same number then it is known as a solid serial number.

Example of a Solid Serial: B11111111A
Not a Solid Serial Number: B09999999A



Solid Serial numbers are really the kings of the fancy serial number world.  A solid serial number has the same serial number repeated 8 times.  Only one out of every 11 million or so notes printed even has the chance to be a solid serial number.  Solid serial numbers become rarer as the serial number increases.

Not every series of currency is printed to full capacity, so the higher numbers tend to be rarer than the smaller numbers.  Solid Serial number 9s are extremely rare.  Today currency is only printed up to serial number 96000000, so solid 9s can only be found on older issues.

After solid 9s come solid 8s in terms of desirability.  These are popular because many Asian societies consider the number 8 to be lucky.

A common solid serial number in average condition from a modern issue should cost around $500.  However, there are many factors that can make solid serial number notes worth a good deal more.

There will also be a touch of extra value if the serial number begins and ends with the same letter.  This just adds some extra symmetry for the really picky collectors.

If you have a piece of currency with a solid serial number, please contact us and tell us about it.  We are always interested buyers.