Series of 1929 $50 Federal Reserve Bank Notes – Values and Pricing

Value of Series of 1929 $50 Bills from Federal Reserve Banks

Only seven of the twelve Federal Reserve banks issued series of 1929 $50 bills. They were issued by:

New YorkClevelandChicagoMinneapolisKansas CityDallasSan Francisco

As with all 1929 Federal Reserve notes, you should be on the lookout for serial numbers that end with a star symbol. Serial numbers that have six or seven leading zeros also carry a premium. 1929 $50 bills from Dallas are the rarest of the series. Most non-star, non-low serial number 1929 $50 bills are extremely common.

The design of 1929 $50 bills is fairly consist besides the federal reserve bank names and cashier, deputy governor, and governor signature changes.

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