1953 Blue Seal Five Dollar Silver Certificates – Values and Pricing

1953 Five Dollar Blue Seal Silver Certificates – Values and Pricing

Blue seal five dollar silver certificates from 1953 come in three different series years:

1953 – 1953A1953B

All varieties of 1953 five dollar silver certificates are very common.  A circulated 1953 blue seal five dollar bill can be bought for around $6.50.  Packs of 100 uncirculated 1953 blue seal fives can be bought for about $20 per note.  The only rarity in the 1953 five dollar silver certificate series is the 1953B $5 blue seal star note.

All 1953 blue seal silver certificates feature a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  There is a blue seal on the right hand side of the bill.  The serial number is also in blue writing.  No 1953 five dollar silver certificate says In God We Trust.  The following writing is on each note:

“Silver Certificate This Certifies That There Is On Deposit In The Treasury Of The United States Of America Five Dollars In Silver Payable To The Bearer On Demand”

“This Certificate Is Legal Tender For All Debts Public And Private”

All 1953 blue seals were printed in Washington DC.

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Series of 1953 $5 Blue Seal Silver Certificate



Series of 1953A $5 Blue Seal Silver Certificate



Series of 1953B $5 Blue Seal Silver Certificate