Five Hundred Dollar Bill with William McKinley (1928-1934)

Five Hundred Dollar Bill with William McKinley (1928-1934) 

Small size United States five hundred dollar bills with William McKinley as the portrait come in two color seals.  The seal colors are:

Gold – Green

The gold seal notes correspond to 1928 $500 gold seals.  The Green seal correspond to Federal Reserve notes. Gold seals are worth more than green seals.

Small size five hundred dollar bills are actually fairly common.  They were found at any bank and available at face value until the late 1960s.  Some people are still trading in $500 bills at banks for face value.  We do not recommend selling any five hundred dollar bill for just $500.

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Gold Seal Five Hundred Dollar Bill – 1928 only



Green Seal Five Hundred Dollar Bill – 1928 – 1934a