Green Seal One Thousand Dollar Bills (1928 – 1934A) – Values and Pricing

Green  Seal One Thousand Dollar Bills (1928 – 1934A) – Values and Pricing

Green seal one thousand dollar bills come in two years and three different signature combinations.  These are the years available:

1928 – 19341934A

Some 1928 one thousand dollar bills do say “redeemable in gold” but that doesn’t make them gold certificates. Any one thousand dollar bill with a green seal is called a federal reserve note.  Federal reserve notes were printed for all twelve federal reserve banks.  Keep in mind that a 1928 one thousand dollar bill with a serial number that ends with a star symbol will be very valuable.

1934 and 1934A are the most commonly encountered one thousand dollar bills featuring Grover Cleveland. Both notes carry the same premium, and they typically trade in the same price range as 1928 green seals.