One Thousand Dollar Bill with Grover Cleveland (1928-1934)

One Thousand Dollar Bill with Grover Cleveland (1928-1934) – Values and Pricing

Small size United States one thousand dollar bills with Grover Cleveland as the portrait come in two different seal colors. They can be:

Gold – Green

If you are looking for an exotic denomination, it doesn’t get much more impressive than the one thousand dollar bill.  Small size one thousand dollar bills featuring Grover Cleveland are actually very common.  These were common place in circulation until the late 1960s.  In fact, you can buy a heavily circulated green seal one thousand dollar bills for as little as $1,050.  But most one thousand dollar bills will sell for a few hundred dollars more.

The United States first printed one thousand dollar bills in the early 1860s.  However, when paper money was changed to its current size in 1928, the production of one thousand dollar bills increased significantly.  Millions of one thousand dollars bills were printed and tens of thousands are still available and held by the general public and collectors.

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Gold Seal One Thousand Dollar Bill – 1928 Only



Green Seal One Thousand Dollar Bill – 1928 – 1934A