Old Ten Dollar Bill Value

Ten Dollar Bills from 1928 and Newer Featuring Alexander Hamilton

The modern ten dollar bill featuring Hamilton was printed for four different seal colors.  $10 bills come with:

 Green Seals – Gold Seals – Brown Seals – Blue Seals

Some old ten dollar bills are actually really rare.  The difference between a common ten dollar bill and a rare ten dollar bill can be something simple like the serial number or the series letter.  Look for ten dollar bills that have a star symbol at the end or beginning of the serial number.  Pay close attention to the series letter on some ten dollar bills.

Some old ten dollar bills can also have low serial numbers.  To qualify as a low number, the serial number should have six or seven leading zeros.  Some collectors specialize in low serial numbered ten dollar bills.

You can learn more about your old Alexander Hamilton ten dollar bills by clicking a seal color above or one of the ten dollar bills below.



Green Seal Ten Dollar Bills (1928 – Present)



Gold Seal Ten Dollar Bills 1928, 1934, and 1934A



Brown Seal Ten Dollar Bills 1929 and 1934A



Blue Seal Ten Dollar Bills 1933 – 1953