Oversized $500 Bills | Values and Pricing for Old Five Hundred Dollar Bills

Oversized Five Hundred Dollar Bills – A Guide With Values

As you might expect, large size $500 bills are very scarce. The only ones that could be considered collectible are 1918 $500 Federal Reserve notes, 1922 gold certificates, and some gold certificates from the 1882 series. Everything else will cost you between $10,000 and two million dollars, with most scarce examples being in the $50,000 range. The reason oversized five hundred dollar bills are scarce today is due to the fact that so few were printed and they were almost impossible to save purely for the curiosity factor. Someone could find a dollar coin or a five dollar bill and it was possible to tuck it away because it looked different. 99% of the general public was never in a situation that required handling a five hundred dollar bill. Because most were redeemed and destroyed, they are very rare today.

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Five Hundred Dollar Interest Bearing Note
Five Hundred Dollar Interest Bearing Note
1862 $500 Legal Tender Note
[IMAGE COMING SOON] 1869 $500 Legal Tender Note
[IMAGE COMING SOON] Five Hundred National Bank Note
Five Hundred Dollar Legal Tender Note
(1874, 1875, 1878, 1880)
[IMAGE COMING SOON] 1880 $500 Silver Certificate
1882 $500 Gold Certificate
[IMAGE COMING SOON] 1891 $500 Treasury Note
1918 $500 Federal Reserve Note
1922 $500 Gold Certificate