Series of 1928 $2 Bills – Legal Tender Notes – Values and Pricing

Series of 1928 $2 Bills – Legal Tender Notes – Values and Pricing

Two dollar bills from the series of 1928 are called 1928 $2 legal tenders.  All legal tenders have a red seal.  1928 was also the first year that United States paper money was printed at its current size.  Series of 1928 two dollar notes were the first series of three years to feature a red seal on that denomination.  The other years are 1953 and 1963.  The other two years are much more common.

Series of 1928 two dollar red seals come in eight different types.  The most common is the 1928G, there are also 1928, 1928A, 1928B, 1928C, 1928D, 1928E, and 1928F.

1928 two dollar bills are typically found today in very rough condition.  Believe it or not, some are actually still in circulation.  There can be nice premiums on truly uncirculated 1928 twos.

The 1928 two dollar series is easy to collect in circulated grades.  However, trying to put together a choice uncirculated set will take some time and money.

Furthermore, the 1928 two dollar legal tender star set is very challenging.  There are a couple of road blocks that are very rare and difficult to obtain.  You can learn more about 1928 $2 star notes here.

Below you will find an image of each series of 1928 two dollar bill.  Click on image to learn more about that specific type of note.  We are also buyers of uncirculated 1928 $2s and all 1928 star notes.  Please contact us and tell us what you have.



Series of 1928 $2 Legal Tender Note



Series of 1928 A $2 Legal Tender Note



Series of 1928 B $2 Legal Tender Note



Series of 1928 C $2 Legal Tender Note



Series of 1928 D $2 Legal Tender Note



Series of 1928 E $2 Legal Tender Note



Series of 1928 F $2 Legal Tender Note



Series of 1928 G $2 Legal Tender Note